St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation is the philanthropic arm of St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group

St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation was founded in 1992 and makes a lasting difference to people’s lives by awarding grants to UK registered charities. In 2019 the charity donated £13.9 million. The charity has raised over £110 million since 1992 and receives over £1 million annually through regular monthly donations, which is matched pound for pound by St. James’s Place.

Who does the charity support?

The focus of grant giving is on young people who have special needs through illness or disability, or are disadvantaged in other ways. The Charitable Foundation also supports the hospice movement and recently has expanded the focus to include charities that support people with cancer and those experiencing mental health issues.

The Charitable Foundation is keen to support small to medium-sized charities that can benefit substantially from relatively small grants. Hundreds of small charities have benefited as a result.

Clients at Four Wealth Management can also opt to support their preferred charities via our philanthropy and charitable giving services.